This moniker may sound like a sales pitch, but in 1995 that's exactly what Woody Teague did; he built a home that not only won a Gold Award, but all four judges in the Raleigh/Wake County Parade of Homes gave his Captiva Sunrise perfect scores. A perfect score from all judges was a feat that hadn't happened in the 30-year history of the Parade. As a matter of fact, this type of accomplishment reads standard amongst Woody's list of business successes. The list details everything from the prestigious MAME (Major Achievements in Marketing Excellence) award for "Best Product design for a Single Family Dream Home Showcase", to 1996 winner of North Carolina's most prestigious award, the North Carolina Home Builders Grand Award of Excellence for category "Custom Homes over $300,000". Throughout his career, his work has consistently won numerous awards. But when you ask Woody, he'll tell you that his greatest achievement to date remains the long list of satisfied private homeowners whom he gives as references.  He’s proud of the job he’s done and his customers will stand behind him.
Born and raised in Raleigh, NC, Woody Graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Joining the construction industry in 1977, he currently serves on the Home Builder's Association Board of Directors. For over 30 years, Woody's business model has been one of proactive professionalism with a sincere dedication to his customers.

You will find Woody on the construction site most days, as he is intimately involved in the construction of each home. He recognizes that building a custom home is a luxury that requires great patience, deliberation, and communication. He knows how to actively listen and ask questions to arrive at the best quality with the best possible price. He believes that a home should be a partnership between the builder and the homeowner. To Woody a custom home isn't built successfully unless he has maintained the best quality at the best price from the pouring of the foundation to the moving in of the furniture.

Woody Teague Custom Homes builds approximately 6 homes per year. He has assembled a team of craftsmen that can turn a designer's plan into the fulfillment of a customer's dream home. All of these craftsmen are aware of Woody's professionalism and commitment and have been carefully selected over the years, not only for the quality of their workmanship, but also for their ability to accomplish things as a team. They understand when builder, homeowner, and craftsmen work in concert they will produce a home that is the fulfillment of that client's dream every time. And for this team, there is no more lofty an achievement.

The creation of a truly custom home is a process that demands more attention to detail and a greater capacity for listening than simply building a house. Woody enjoys the challenge of transforming a client's unique ideas into the unusual architectural features of a new home. In short, when you're ready for a custom home that speaks "of" you; a home that you see as being your refuge, your tradition, your all important definition of "home"....Woody Teague Custom Homes is the name you should know.


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